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| Jamarri K. Nix

Stop the Erasure
Interactive Web Design | P5.js |
Digital Illustration | Photoshop
Eco Delight ad
Eco Delight
Brand Identity | Illustrator
ESPN cover featuring Naomi Osaka
ESPN Cover,
Naomi Osaka
Typography | Magazine Design | Photoshop
Broken-Hearted visualizer
Motion Graphics | After Effects | Visualizer | Cover Art Design
Chicago Recycling Coalition redesign
Chicago Recycling Coalition Redesign
Web Design | XD |
Brand Identity | InDesign
Coming Soon!
The Nigerian Kudi
Nigerian KUDI
Data Visualization | Illustrator |
Poster Design | Photoshop
Burning Up logo
Burning Up
Game Design | Illustrator |
Visual Identity | Package Design
Faces of Fear spread
Futura Presents:
The Faces of Fear
Art Direction | Digital Illustration |
Photoshop | Typography
Senzu Ale House ad
Senzu Ale House
Art Direction | Illustrator |
Visual Identity | Package Design
Shall We? app screen
Shall We?
App Design |
XD | UI/UX |
Paper Prototyping
Breaux Healers business card
Breaux Healers
Visual Identity | Illustrator |
Web Design | XD